Tuesday, July 26, 2011

healing hearts

I recently had the chance to review the book called Healing hearts,by Beth Wiseman.This book was made of three different Novellas.The first story is about Levina and Naaman who become empty nesters.Naaman decided he wants to take a trip to visit his cousins in Ohio.Levina patiently waits for her husband to come home. Naaman is gone a year before he decides to come home.When he returns Levina has to work through the hurt he caused her as he tries to repair thier marriage. These characters really came to life for me,and it made me feel her hurt as she struggles to understand her husband.

the second story is about Leah who has become a writer in the community.The town folk does not like to encourage her in what they see as unworthwhile endeavors.Leah does not possess the skills that an amish wife needs such as cooking,quilting,cleaning.Aaron becomes aware of Leah's flaws but he knows in his heart that he is captivated by this young womanLeah has said she would never marry but in the end will her new found love for Aaron win out or will she remain unmarried this was a wonderful story how totally opposite people can make things become good.

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

a place called blessing

I was given a copy of the book called A Place Called Blessing.Josh and his brothers were young when they were taken away from thier parents.as the brothers are put into foster care.An
accident happens which tragically alters thier lives completely.As Josh's brothers are adopted.Josh is left alone and to find his way in the world when he turns 18.Josh sees the world through tainted glasses.Will Josh ever stop being angry and forgive. This book was a great book and I highly reccomend it.

Monday, July 4, 2011

review of Northway restaurant

Northway Restaurant has fantastic food.with great serving sizes.The servers are kind. and willing to help you with anything.I highly reccomend this Restaurant.

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